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Roulette Machines Could Be Banned If Labour Wins In The Next Uk Election

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There are fixed odds betting terminals throughout the UK – and some of them are considered high stakes. Of the most popular is roulette. Ed Miliband has vowed that councils will be given the power to ban these machines from bookmaker shops around the UK if Labor wins the next labour UKelection.

Miliband states that these machines are spreading and attracts anti-social behavior. He also claims that it brings debt and misery to the families who use the machines.

It is important to understand the gambling related legislation in the UK now as it currently allows shops to add the machines. They were introduced in 1999 as a way to increase the amount of tax obtained from bookmaker profits.

These fixed odd betting terminals fall under the same legislation as fruit machines since the 2005 Gambling Act. There are limitations in place. The max stake is £100 and there are only allowed to be four terminals in a single betting shop. There are more than 33,000 of these terminals around the UK. A profit is somewhere in the vicinity of £825 for a single machine, which is estimated by the Gambling Commission.

Critics of the Gambling Act say that the machines are addictive and can lead to both poverty and crime. Those in the industry say that there is no evidence of this and that a new conduct code will be established so that players have the ability to control their own stakes. Some action may be taken by the government in order to cut stakes and prizes on the machines to make them less addictive.

There is currently a study out to see how harmful the machines are to players. This will be out in the fall of 2014 and then a more informed decision can be made.

Many of the old bookies in the UK are being turned into mini casinos. Pay day lenders and pawn shops are now adding the machines as well – and these are sending a wrong message to citizens in the poorer areas.

The Association of British Bookmakers has gotten involved and pledged their commitment to help problem gamblers.


Beat the House Fallen House of Cards

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For years, a sophisticated group of blackjack cheaters managed to defraud casinos across the U.S. using a cunning method of signals, with pit managers everywhere none the wiser. With a network of dealers in their pockets, they were able to amass millions of dollars and teach a revolving roster of fresh new recruits how to beat the house. Loose lips sink ships, and one member of their group eventually made a fatal mistake that brought the whole scam down like a fragile house of cards.


Popular Oriental Casino Games

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All around the world, countries have their own favorites of games. In the United States, it is poker. In France, it is roulette. In London, it is dice. In the different Oriental casinos, there are a variety of other games that are quite popular – including Sic Bo, Mahjong and Pachinko.

Whether a player goes to the Sands Macau, the Oriental Mandarin, or any other casino in the Orient, these three games will be offered. Not everyone is privy to how these games are played and there are not always lessons at the casino. This means that players need to anticipate the games that will be offered and learn them prior to arriving at the casino.

Sic Bo

Sic Bo is also known as Tai Sai and is based purely on luck. It has to do with guessing the outcome of how three dice land. They are almost always found on a small plate covered by a large glass dome. The dice may stack on top of each other or sprawl out so that each die is visible. Players will have access to a board similar to roulette where they can make their bets based upon the anticipated outcome.


Mahjong is a game that many people understand how to play in theory as it is a computer game with tiles. Most people don’t realize it’s an actual casino game, however. It is based upon skill as well as luck to release the needed tiles. There are at most four players and it requires suits to be formed in order to release the tiles from the stack.


Pachinko is gaining in popularity outside of Asia as well. They are considered a cross between slots and pinball machines. In Japan and Taiwan, there are more Pachinko games than anywhere else. The game deals with metal balls being injected into the game. Points are accumulated and more balls can be acquired during game play to increase the number of points. The points are then translated into cash earnings or prizes.

Stepping into an Oriental casino can be extremely exhilarating simply because of the different games that are around. While they still have roulette, craps and poker, the other games can be dramatically different from what people are used to gambling at in other parts of the world. To be prepared, it’s important to understand what the popular games are and how to play them in order to change up the gambling a little bit.


Centrebet Wins Supreme Court Case

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After a major tussle, Centrebet will now have plenty more money to put back into marketing now that it has won its case against the Norwegian gambler who lost $15 million. The gambler, Bjarte Baasland, lost the grand sum when he wagered on Bet365 and Centrebet several years.

Bartje Baasland

Bartje Baasland – Son of the Norwegian Bishop Ernst Oddvar Baasland who resigned in 2009

Baasland, the son of a Norwegian bishop, first made waves back in 2009 when he elected to sue both of the major online gambling companies for negligence.

In addition to the lawsuit, Baasland accused the companies of providing aggressive bonuses to lure him into continuing gameplay, insisting that the fact that he had a gambling problem should have been more obvious to the companies.

He went on to argue that neither company had the right to continue with his action when the homeland did not permit such actions.

Eventually, Bet365 had been dropped from this docket, but Centrebet has remained on the case because it offers the choice of wagering on Norwegian sporting events using Norwegian currency. The Supreme Court of Norway has sought to claim jurisdiction with what was becoming a major public case.

The only problem with this, however, was the fact that Baasland had actually conducted the majority of his gambling from hotels when traveling abroad, which naturally makes the jurisdictional waters a bit muddied. In addition, Baasland was revealed to have been borrowing much of the betting money from members of his own family, informing those he had borrowed from that he lost the money not to gambling, but to “misguided investments” when starting a firm in the Czech Republic.

This may actually serve as a lesson for many mobile users out there. While it may be the user’s loss, it can also be the loss of many others since the money was borrowed on the pretense of “investing.” Problem gambling is still a major problem, but many still wonder how nobody noticed that there was a problem occurring.

This is a lesson that must be taken seriously in this new world where Android and iPhone casinos are so abundant. This industry is growing very rapidly as more companies launch various promotions to try and draw in more players, and they’re certainly working.

However, it is against the terms and conditions to disguise where the funds come from, so if a user wins with illegitimate funds, they will not receive winnings.  With that in mind, do not follow Baasland’s lead; take care and have fun.


Will “One Direction” singing the Jail House Rock soon?

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One Direction recently faced a major lecture by their management after gambling in a casino upon turning 18 and subsequently losing a significant amount of money. However, it seems like 19 year old Harry Styles is one member who did not manage to learn his lesson; the band member was recently spotted in the Perth’s Crown Casino on the first night the band arrived in the town.

Some pictures were posted to Twitter that reveal the popular boy band member seated at the exclusive Pearl Room at the Perth’s Crown Casino playing roulette, handing over chips and wearing jeans and a black T-shirt.

Currently, it is estimated that the star is worth about $24 million, but there is no word on whether he made a profit or lost any money while he was at the gaming house. It was very clear, however, that he had lost a fortune when he first decided to celebrate turning 18 by going to the casino for a night of gambling.

According to Niall Horan, a fellow bandmate of One Direction, back in February when speaking with a british magazine, a night of gambling seemed like a good idea back then, similar to “most of the stupid things we do.” Says Niall, the thought process was that they are now 18 and that the night was the first time they could spend their money since they had been on the road for quite a few weeks.

That night, Niall won £100, which he felt was “reasonable” and therefore took his winnings for the night. He did not have a comment as far as the other hand members outside of the fact that it “got a bit ugly” and some members lost “a lot of money.” When the management discovered this fact, all of the members received a serious dressing down about the way they spend their money.

In other news, the local police signaled that it was going to investigate some allegations that the band had run through three red lights on Wednesday night when headed back to the hotel.

According to Nick Anticich, the Assistant Commissioner, the “unacceptable behaviour” that the band showed breached the law, and the police are set to deal with all lawbreakers in the same manner. That the group is a popular one with rock stars does not provide a license to break the laws or get away with doing so.

Hand Cuffs

If they didn’t feel the strength of the law, “One Direction” hopefully will play two Perth shows while in town.


Match-fixing: A Rising Problem for New Reasons

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Match-fixing is a problem with sports all over the world, but it is something no gambler wants to ever experience. Your wager can be done with many factors in mind. Some people spend hours determining what they believe the odds should be and then bet according. Other will bet on a hunch or use other means to arrive at their choice. Regardless of how a gambler decides on the winning team, it is always assumed that there is no match-fixing.

Match Fixing
Match-fixing exists in most countries
Wherever people gamble on sports there is going to be match-fixing. It should be quickly pointed out that match-fixing, when it is discovered, is usually found in sports where the players are not paid a lot of money.

This can be seen with Australian Rules football where match-fixing has been a problem in the past. Another, but a less common issue has been match-fixing by players because of a gambling problem. This usually relates to debts generated from gambling

A new and disturbing trend in match-fixing
Studies have been done that is revealing a trend in larger numbers of match-fixing with no traditional motive. Players are making good salaries and have no gambling problem but are attempting to change the outcome of a game just to win a wager. The Gambling Commission in the United Kingdom estimates that less than one percent of citizens in the U.K. have gambling problems, but they further claim that gambling issues are more prevalent among athletes.

It may be genetic
John Coates, a researcher in Great Britain, has found a link between the risk-taking personalities of successful athletes with high levels of testosterone. By their very nature they are prone to take a high risk such as match-fixing. Other research has shown that athletes have high rates of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. This condition is strongly associated with impulsive gamblers.

How will this affect the future of sports gambling?
With more money being wagered on sports matches than ever before, the number of fixed matches will likely rise. Organized crime is always looking for athletes that are willing to influence the outcome of a game for money, and this part of match-fixing will not change. However the growth of sports betting seems to be what is driving the supply side of the equation.

Recently a syndicate was discovered in Singapore leading to the arrest of 14 people. They are alleged to have fixed over 380 football matches in Europe. This type of activity combined with a possible genetic pre-disposition to gambling among athletes and today’s match-fixing may become a much bigger problem in the future than it has ever been in the past.

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