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Roulette Machines Could Be Banned If Labour Wins In The Next Uk Election

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There are fixed odds betting terminals throughout the UK – and some of them are considered high stakes. Of the most popular is roulette. Ed Miliband has vowed that councils will be given the power to ban these machines from bookmaker shops around the UK if Labor wins the next labour UKelection.

Miliband states that these machines are spreading and attracts anti-social behavior. He also claims that it brings debt and misery to the families who use the machines.

It is important to understand the gambling related legislation in the UK now as it currently allows shops to add the machines. They were introduced in 1999 as a way to increase the amount of tax obtained from bookmaker profits.

These fixed odd betting terminals fall under the same legislation as fruit machines since the 2005 Gambling Act. There are limitations in place. The max stake is £100 and there are only allowed to be four terminals in a single betting shop. There are more than 33,000 of these terminals around the UK. A profit is somewhere in the vicinity of £825 for a single machine, which is estimated by the Gambling Commission.

Critics of the Gambling Act say that the machines are addictive and can lead to both poverty and crime. Those in the industry say that there is no evidence of this and that a new conduct code will be established so that players have the ability to control their own stakes. Some action may be taken by the government in order to cut stakes and prizes on the machines to make them less addictive.

There is currently a study out to see how harmful the machines are to players. This will be out in the fall of 2014 and then a more informed decision can be made.

Many of the old bookies in the UK are being turned into mini casinos. Pay day lenders and pawn shops are now adding the machines as well – and these are sending a wrong message to citizens in the poorer areas.

The Association of British Bookmakers has gotten involved and pledged their commitment to help problem gamblers.


Will “One Direction” singing the Jail House Rock soon?

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One Direction recently faced a major lecture by their management after gambling in a casino upon turning 18 and subsequently losing a significant amount of money. However, it seems like 19 year old Harry Styles is one member who did not manage to learn his lesson; the band member was recently spotted in the Perth’s Crown Casino on the first night the band arrived in the town.

Some pictures were posted to Twitter that reveal the popular boy band member seated at the exclusive Pearl Room at the Perth’s Crown Casino playing roulette, handing over chips and wearing jeans and a black T-shirt.

Currently, it is estimated that the star is worth about $24 million, but there is no word on whether he made a profit or lost any money while he was at the gaming house. It was very clear, however, that he had lost a fortune when he first decided to celebrate turning 18 by going to the casino for a night of gambling.

According to Niall Horan, a fellow bandmate of One Direction, back in February when speaking with a british magazine, a night of gambling seemed like a good idea back then, similar to “most of the stupid things we do.” Says Niall, the thought process was that they are now 18 and that the night was the first time they could spend their money since they had been on the road for quite a few weeks.

That night, Niall won £100, which he felt was “reasonable” and therefore took his winnings for the night. He did not have a comment as far as the other hand members outside of the fact that it “got a bit ugly” and some members lost “a lot of money.” When the management discovered this fact, all of the members received a serious dressing down about the way they spend their money.

In other news, the local police signaled that it was going to investigate some allegations that the band had run through three red lights on Wednesday night when headed back to the hotel.

According to Nick Anticich, the Assistant Commissioner, the “unacceptable behaviour” that the band showed breached the law, and the police are set to deal with all lawbreakers in the same manner. That the group is a popular one with rock stars does not provide a license to break the laws or get away with doing so.

Hand Cuffs

If they didn’t feel the strength of the law, “One Direction” hopefully will play two Perth shows while in town.


Match-fixing: A Rising Problem for New Reasons

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Match-fixing is a problem with sports all over the world, but it is something no gambler wants to ever experience. Your wager can be done with many factors in mind. Some people spend hours determining what they believe the odds should be and then bet according. Other will bet on a hunch or use other means to arrive at their choice. Regardless of how a gambler decides on the winning team, it is always assumed that there is no match-fixing.

Match Fixing
Match-fixing exists in most countries
Wherever people gamble on sports there is going to be match-fixing. It should be quickly pointed out that match-fixing, when it is discovered, is usually found in sports where the players are not paid a lot of money.

This can be seen with Australian Rules football where match-fixing has been a problem in the past. Another, but a less common issue has been match-fixing by players because of a gambling problem. This usually relates to debts generated from gambling

A new and disturbing trend in match-fixing
Studies have been done that is revealing a trend in larger numbers of match-fixing with no traditional motive. Players are making good salaries and have no gambling problem but are attempting to change the outcome of a game just to win a wager. The Gambling Commission in the United Kingdom estimates that less than one percent of citizens in the U.K. have gambling problems, but they further claim that gambling issues are more prevalent among athletes.

It may be genetic
John Coates, a researcher in Great Britain, has found a link between the risk-taking personalities of successful athletes with high levels of testosterone. By their very nature they are prone to take a high risk such as match-fixing. Other research has shown that athletes have high rates of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. This condition is strongly associated with impulsive gamblers.

How will this affect the future of sports gambling?
With more money being wagered on sports matches than ever before, the number of fixed matches will likely rise. Organized crime is always looking for athletes that are willing to influence the outcome of a game for money, and this part of match-fixing will not change. However the growth of sports betting seems to be what is driving the supply side of the equation.

Recently a syndicate was discovered in Singapore leading to the arrest of 14 people. They are alleged to have fixed over 380 football matches in Europe. This type of activity combined with a possible genetic pre-disposition to gambling among athletes and today’s match-fixing may become a much bigger problem in the future than it has ever been in the past.


Casino UK Launches Free Roulette Guide for Online Gamers

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Casino UK (http://www.casinouk.com), a leading Internet casino venue, announces the launch of a free guide for online gamers: “Roulette: From Start to Strategy.” The free eBook is available for download on the Casino UK website.

Cover of Roulette eBook By Casino UK

To Download the eBook Click Here

Named after a French word for “little wheel,” Roulette is one of the most popular casino games. Players place their bets on numbers and colors, and the winning number or color depends on the spin of a ball and a wheel.

“The Roulette wheel represents the ultimate game of chance,” said Connor Reeves, the Casino UK ambassador. “Our new eBook is designed to help beginning Roulette players become masters of this game of perpetual motion.”

Published in a glossy eBook format, “Roulette: From Start to Strategy” covers every area of the popular casino game: the wheel, the table, the croupier, inside bets, outside bets, the Gambler’s fallacy, the House edge and more.

Gamers will learn everything they need to know about Roulette, from its history and rules to the different game variants. The book is short and concise, with a scattering of anecdotes to keep it light and entertaining.

To download a free copy of “Roulette: From Start to Strategy,” gamers just click on the image above and submit a social share. The “Share to Download” button sends a message and link to Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Casino UK is one of the United Kingdom’s favourite online casinos. It is part of the nine-member Vegas Partner Lounge, an international group that is licensed by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta. To learn more about Casino UK and download the free eBook, visit www.casinouk.com.


Online casino game buzz

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  No matter what the temperature is and no matter what the place is casino gambling is one hot favorite of people who love to play high for money and risk. Casino gambling is purely addictive and it is because of its growing popularity that today even the World Wide Web has secured a place for this interest by providing fluent and flexible casino gambling initiatives.

Online casinos offer sheer amusement and thrill. Also these games are absolutely free to be played by anyone and at anytime. The web world has offered a whole new look to the online casinos and it is because of this that the popularity of this version is growing at a great speed. Millions of people play casino over websites. Many out of these play casino even without having to bet over a single penny. So in short it can be said that casino betting over the web is more about fun rather than serious play. Also beginners can learn a trick or two through the online casino tutorial lessons which are specially designed so as to help players practice the game well so that they can mint great benefits when the game is played for serious cash.

For many playing casino is like passion while the others treat it as a mode of money minting. Also with its non stop establishment, casino gaming has a bright future ahead. Initially the trend of online live dealers casino was not very popular however with the passage f time and interest people started looking out for various options that could afford them absolute comfort and this became possible with the help of online casino betting. Online gambling offers numerous advantages including the comfort of playing from absolutely anywhere and at anytime. Also you can sign up on any of the reputed gambling websites online and play with our without cash.

All this has given way to tough competition between websites. However every website strives to provide better than the best when it comes to the satisfaction of playing quality casino games online on the virtual base with absolute action and revolution of this gaming system. There are a plethora of online games available over the web and hence people can pick the ones that interest and suite them. Most casino game sites offer access to various games and also provide proper hints and tricks of playing the game successfully.


Online Casino – Entertainment at Its Best

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The online casino industry is showing no signs of slowing down. It seems more and more people are trying casino games online every day. The reasons for its vast popularity is simple – online casino players get more for their dollar than visiting a brick and mortar casino. The fact is you would never do that, let alone imagine it. The brick and mortar casinos have one golden rule in place – make sure you have REAL money before entering. Sure some of these casinos offer VIP clubs on certain casino games, most will have a huge progressive jackpot situated on the casino floor and some will even offer luxury prizes like cars and trips. However, for all of this you need to drop cash on the tables first – nothing is free in Vegas.

There are several different reasons why online casino games are soaring in popularity; however one stands out from the rest and that is you get to play for FREE first. Some of the best casinos online offer free game play and almost all allow you to download the software for free. Another reason for its popularity is deposit bonuses, or welcome bonuses. The online casino world is highly competitive and many compete for your attention in the best way they know how – by offering players free resources, free play and even free money.

By visiting an online casino, players can expect several perks including VIP programs. The best part of online VIP programs is most will allow you to instantly join the minute you deposit a small fee. These VIP programs also offer incredible prizes including trips and the chance to exchange points for real cash. So, in retrospect the more you play casino online the more money you can make through a VIP program.

When it comes to casino games, you will find all of your favorites including Blackjack, Video Poker, Keno, Scratch Cards and even massive progressive slots. Jackpots for progressive slots have been known to reach the millions online. The online casino even promotes the winners names and/or photos so you can get a look at their happy faces. The next big perk about playing casino online is the bonuses for just signing up. For example, the best casino will offer you in excess of $1000 FREE for just signing up. This way they start your bankroll for you so you can continue to be entertained. Of course there are terms and conditions before withdrawing any monies. If all the online casinos just threw away thousands of dollars it wouldn’t be the billion dollar industry it is today. This doesn’t mean you don’t win – in fact online casinos success is based on the fact that it does produce major winners. Take the Poker pros for example; pros like Phil Ivey have become millionaires by simply playing poker online.

Finding the best casino online however is where the real challenge lies. Like stated above it is a highly competitive industry and new casinos seem to be popping up every day. If you visit a site like Gold Online Casino first, they can give you some important information first before making a real money deposit. It’s always best to review casino sites first and find out what others may be saying. This way you take the necessary steps by playing it safe first. With online casinos comes the fly by nights just trying to steal your money. Caution is always recommend

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