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EZ Baccarat

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Despite the fun associated with playing baccarat, the game never managed to gain the same kind of popularity enjoyed by poker, craps, roulette or blackjack. A typical casino goer may not even glance twice at the baccarat table. Because of this unfamiliarity, the game has not yet gained a mainstream following.

There were even two versions of the game for people to choose, with mini-baccarat and grand baccarat intended for different types of audiences. However, neither game got off the ground. Please visit gambling websites and you can make extra money

The game is as easy as they come. Players will either bet with the player, the bank or on a tie. Depending on how the cards are dealt, there is a winner and a loser in every hand. In order to make this game more interesting and appealing to the masses, a company came up with something called “EZ Baccarat”.
Baccarat is a casino game with one of the lowest advantages for the house. Players who learn, understand and regularly play the game have a great chance of making money. However, the only group that seems to enjoy playing the game regularly is the Asian audience. The game is a lot more popular in China and Macau, but it is regularly ignored in Vegas and Europe. You can visit real money online blackjack usa and make money.

The rules of EZ Baccarat are the same. The only changes that were made referred to how the maths on the game are handled. Banks cannot win on particular hands in EZ Baccarat. In addition, there is an insurance bet where you can win 40/1 when a rare hand is played. This bet is called the Dragon 7.

With only a 5% commission for the dealer, along with a meager 1% house advantage, EZ Baccarat is a game that is both appealing and cost effective for gamblers. With more bets taking place every hour, greater excitement through the Dragon 7 bet, and other quirks, EZ Baccarat is the type of game that can draw crowds at a casino.

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About Online Gambling

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GamblingOnline gambling has become a real hit over the past decade. Since the first bill was passed making it legal in 1994, the industry grew rapidly and has hit an all-time boom. Now it is estimated that the worldwide online gambling revenue is worth well over $21 billion. Please visit online casino and make extra cash online.

People worldwide love the recreational activity of gambling, but for some it may be difficult to get to bricks and mortar casinos. The option to gamble in the comfort of your own home, as long as you have a good internet connection, has such an appeal because of convenience and comfort. No matter what time of the day or even where you are (thanks to online mobile gambling), there are no restrictions and making a quick buck or two has never been simpler.

There are so many casinos online for players to choose from, each offering a multitude of games like Poker, Slots, Jackpots, Table Games, Scratch Cards, and more. Some are broad, others are more specialized. They have their own unique personalities as well as different competitive welcome bonuses, promotions and specials. They also use different software platforms provided by specialist industry professionals like Microgaming, Cryptologic, Playtech, RTG and Wagerworks. The software is usually easy to download and the graphics, animations and sound effects make players feel like they are sitting in a real-time casino.

It is always important that when shopping around for an online casino, you get to know the criteria for a safe and reliable one. Firstly, make sure that they carry a legitimate license. All licensed casino-’s play by the rules and are obligated to provide players with secure and dependable service. All trustworthy casinos will also always publish regular and accurate payout percentages on their site that have been audited by a reliable third party, such as eCOGRA. You also need to make sure that when working with transactions online, you are wary about the risks. Use a trusted banking method for all deposits and withdrawals like web wallets and credit cards, and always make sure that the casino you choose has a privacy policy and strict safety codes that they adhere to.

Most importantly, remember to always have fun when it comes to online gambling. Know you limits and play just for the sheer thrill of it. Risk is an enticing and fun thing; just make sure you play responsibly.


Does Crawly Town Have A Betting Fraud Problem?

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bettingSince the turn of the new year, Crawley Town’s football team has been thrust into the public eye after being involved in betting fraud allegations.

The first instance of betting fraud involving a match with Crawly Town was in January. A man from China was detained at their match against Coventry City. While he was not arrested or held following the game, he was interviewed by an FA Fraud Unit officer, who raised many questions about the allegations that the man was working with or for a fraudulent overseas betting club. No connections were found at the time, so he was released. Officers did state for the record, though, that the investigation was still ongoing.

With this behind them already this year, the Crawley Town management has been more vigilant about monitoring crowds and fans for suspicious activity. This extra attention to behavior has resulted in a second allegation coming to light in the recent match between Crawley Town and Crewe Alexandria. Similar accusations of foreign betting fraud were brought against an Egyptian national who claimed to be a London-residing student. The young man was brought into custody after he was alleged to be passing stats and information on the game to an overseas syndicate involved in betting scams. The suspect seemed to be almost always chatting on the phone, and had a notebook and pen.

After the first report went under way, the team’s intelligence officer had cameras and observation teams briefed on the type of behavior they should expect to see from scammers and illegal betting operations.

It may have stopped this instance, but the question still remains: does Crawley Town have a bigger problem on their hands? Although the team isn’t doing overwhelmingly well in their league this year, their names are the ones that have been generating a lot of buzz from bookies and bettors in the country and abroad. With the continued allegations of such suspicious activity taking place at not just one, but two of their games this season, it’s becoming an issue that their team and their officers are not taking lightly. Investigations on the Chinese man from the January instance and the Egyptian national from this most recent allegation are both still under way. With no apparent connections made thus far, it’s possible that these instances are merely a coincidence. But with an isolated instance turning into somewhat of a pattern, officials are taking no chances and hope to find answers and put an end to any gambling scamming that may be taking place in regards to the Crawley Town team or any of their competitors.


Slotastic Introduced Live Croupier Roulette

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RouletteLive dealers (and croupiers) are not just a fad anymore. Online gamblers are flocking to them droves, and online casinos are responding by adding tables and features. The casinos that have not added live dealers may soon find themselves unable to compete in this competitive marketplace.

About Slotastic

Slotastic Casino (often stylized $lotastic!) is one of many online casinos expanding their portfolios with live games. Despite the name, Slotastic is a full-featured online casino with excellent bonuses and a wide range of table games, but the one thing it did not offer was a live experience — until now.

Slotastic Live Roulette

Slotastic already has a number of roulette wheels up and running. Each wheel can accommodate multiple players, and some of the tables feature an American wheel (double zero) while others feature a European wheel (single zero). In addition to roulette, Slotastic offers baccarat, blackjack and even Casino Holdem, which is a form of poker played against a dealer rather than other players.

Roulette Specifics

The standard roulette tables, which are the most popular, require a minimum bet of $5 and enforce modest maximum bets. The casino is planning to add additional tables to handle the influx of new membership, but during peak hours, there is often more demand than available seating. Clients can wait or opt for one of the high-roller tables, which usually always have available seating. The high-roller tables require $50 and $100 minimum bets but also offer individual attention by a host and allow for VIP betting limits already in place.

How It Compares

Powered by RTG, the Slotastic product is a familiar one but also a high-quality and reliable one. The croupiers are all young woman who are natural English speakers and do an excellent job of socializing with the players at the table during spins and in between.


Popular Oriental Casino Games

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All around the world, countries have their own favorites of games. In the United States, it is poker. In France, it is roulette. In London, it is dice. In the different Oriental casinos, there are a variety of other games that are quite popular – including Sic Bo, Mahjong and Pachinko.

Whether a player goes to the Sands Macau, the Oriental Mandarin, or any other casino in the Orient, these three games will be offered. Not everyone is privy to how these games are played and there are not always lessons at the casino. This means that players need to anticipate the games that will be offered and learn them prior to arriving at the casino.

Sic Bo

Sic Bo is also known as Tai Sai and is based purely on luck. It has to do with guessing the outcome of how three dice land. They are almost always found on a small plate covered by a large glass dome. The dice may stack on top of each other or sprawl out so that each die is visible. Players will have access to a board similar to roulette where they can make their bets based upon the anticipated outcome.


Mahjong is a game that many people understand how to play in theory as it is a computer game with tiles. Most people don’t realize it’s an actual casino game, however. It is based upon skill as well as luck to release the needed tiles. There are at most four players and it requires suits to be formed in order to release the tiles from the stack.


Pachinko is gaining in popularity outside of Asia as well. They are considered a cross between slots and pinball machines. In Japan and Taiwan, there are more Pachinko games than anywhere else. The game deals with metal balls being injected into the game. Points are accumulated and more balls can be acquired during game play to increase the number of points. The points are then translated into cash earnings or prizes.

Stepping into an Oriental casino can be extremely exhilarating simply because of the different games that are around. While they still have roulette, craps and poker, the other games can be dramatically different from what people are used to gambling at in other parts of the world. To be prepared, it’s important to understand what the popular games are and how to play them in order to change up the gambling a little bit.


Centrebet Wins Supreme Court Case

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After a major tussle, Centrebet will now have plenty more money to put back into marketing now that it has won its case against the Norwegian gambler who lost $15 million. The gambler, Bjarte Baasland, lost the grand sum when he wagered on Bet365 and Centrebet several years.

Bartje Baasland

Bartje Baasland – Son of the Norwegian Bishop Ernst Oddvar Baasland who resigned in 2009

Baasland, the son of a Norwegian bishop, first made waves back in 2009 when he elected to sue both of the major online gambling companies for negligence.

In addition to the lawsuit, Baasland accused the companies of providing aggressive bonuses to lure him into continuing gameplay, insisting that the fact that he had a gambling problem should have been more obvious to the companies.

He went on to argue that neither company had the right to continue with his action when the homeland did not permit such actions.

Eventually, Bet365 had been dropped from this docket, but Centrebet has remained on the case because it offers the choice of wagering on Norwegian sporting events using Norwegian currency. The Supreme Court of Norway has sought to claim jurisdiction with what was becoming a major public case.

The only problem with this, however, was the fact that Baasland had actually conducted the majority of his gambling from hotels when traveling abroad, which naturally makes the jurisdictional waters a bit muddied. In addition, Baasland was revealed to have been borrowing much of the betting money from members of his own family, informing those he had borrowed from that he lost the money not to gambling, but to “misguided investments” when starting a firm in the Czech Republic.

This may actually serve as a lesson for many mobile users out there. While it may be the user’s loss, it can also be the loss of many others since the money was borrowed on the pretense of “investing.” Problem gambling is still a major problem, but many still wonder how nobody noticed that there was a problem occurring.

This is a lesson that must be taken seriously in this new world where Android and iPhone casinos are so abundant. This industry is growing very rapidly as more companies launch various promotions to try and draw in more players, and they’re certainly working.

However, it is against the terms and conditions to disguise where the funds come from, so if a user wins with illegitimate funds, they will not receive winnings.  With that in mind, do not follow Baasland’s lead; take care and have fun.

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