An Introduction to Roulette



RouletteRoulette is an exciting and popular casino game. If you’d like to join in the fun, read on to learn the basics of play.

There are two different types of wheels used in roulette. The European wheel has 37 slots which are numbered between 0 and 36. The house edge at this wheel is 2.63 percent. The American wheel adds a 00, or double zero. This gives the American wheel 38 numbers and doubles the house edge to 5.26 percent.

You have to use special chips which are exclusive to the table at which you are playing. Each player’s chips have their own color in order to avoid disputes over who had the winning chips. When you are done playing, you exchange the roulette chips for regular casino chips which you can cash in at the cage. Cage tellers are not allowed to cash in roulette chips.

Each table has a minimum and maximum bet. You may find that the bet you want to make already has chips on it. That’s all right. You can still place your chips on top of the others. Remember, each player uses his own color of chips in order to avoid confusion.

It is permissible to place bets either before or after the dealer flips the ball onto the wheel. The dealer stops the betting as the ball begins to lose momentum. He does this by extending his hand and announcing that the betting is over. The dealer uses a marker to indicate the winning number. He will also remove all losing bets and pay out all winning bets. You may not touch your chips or take your winnings off the table until all other players have received their winnings. You must wait for the dealer to pick up the marker before you place your next bet.

Incidentally, you will notice that the wheel is always in motion. The dealer is required to keep the wheel spinning, even between plays.

There is a lot of fast-paced activity at the roulette wheel, and it can be overwhelming to someone new to the game. Because of this, many casinos offer free classes on how to play. It is a very good idea to take one of these classes. Just call ahead and make sure your casino offers it.

If you’d like to find out more about roulette, or gaming in general, a very good resource to visit is Best of luck!