Trending: Roulette Training Academies in the Bahamas


Casino goers tend to enjoy a variety of games that are seamlessly run by staff and dealers hired by the casinos. While many take for granted the precision, skills, and charisma that must be held by the dealers and operators, it’s something that casinos and other establishments are taking seriously in the Bahamas. Over the past two years several training academies and schools have popped up for the purpose of training locals the ins and outs of different games.Roulette Training

One game in particular that has been in demand of a training program is roulette. While most people – even those who have never stepped foot inside a casino in their entire lives – would be able to describe the basic rules and operations of a game of blackjack or poker, far fewer (barring those who have some amount of personal experience) could do the same for American Roulette. While many know it involves the spinning of a wheel, fewer know the operations of betting, rules, and other such logistics of the game. That’s what not just one, but two new schools have started to combat in the Bahamas.

The first school with an American Roulette training program to open was the Resorts World Bimini. While they initially opened their services with a short trial training period of blackjack, in March of this year they realized that the demand of an American Roulette course was much higher. They took 8 weeks to train their students thoroughly, providing the world of gambling and casinos with plenty of new highly trained professionals. They plan to offer a second Roulette training course later this summer.

The second school is one that has a pre-established curriculum designed to create well rounded dealers and operators. The Bah Mar Gaming Academy opened with 90 students enrolled, giving them the opportunity to become well versed experts in not just Roulette, but also Blackjack, Baccarat, Poker, and more. With this program alone receiving 700 applications, and the Resorts World Bimini’s continued success, it seems likely that training in Roulette and other casino games will continue to grow and spread throughout the island, and potentially even to other areas of the world.