Slotastic Introduced Live Croupier Roulette



RouletteLive dealers (and croupiers) are not just a fad anymore. Online gamblers are flocking to them droves, and online casinos are responding by adding tables and features. The casinos that have not added live dealers may soon find themselves unable to compete in this competitive marketplace.

About Slotastic

Slotastic Casino (often stylized $lotastic!) is one of many online casinos expanding their portfolios with live games. Despite the name, Slotastic is a full-featured online casino with excellent bonuses and a wide range of table games, but the one thing it did not offer was a live experience — until now.

Slotastic Live Roulette

Slotastic already has a number of roulette wheels up and running. Each wheel can accommodate multiple players, and some of the tables feature an American wheel (double zero) while others feature a European wheel (single zero). In addition to roulette, Slotastic offers baccarat, blackjack and even Casino Holdem, which is a form of poker played against a dealer rather than other players.

Roulette Specifics

The standard roulette tables, which are the most popular, require a minimum bet of $5 and enforce modest maximum bets. The casino is planning to add additional tables to handle the influx of new membership, but during peak hours, there is often more demand than available seating. Clients can wait or opt for one of the high-roller tables, which usually always have available seating. The high-roller tables require $50 and $100 minimum bets but also offer individual attention by a host and allow for VIP betting limits already in place.

How It Compares

Powered by RTG, the Slotastic product is a familiar one but also a high-quality and reliable one. The croupiers are all young woman who are natural English speakers and do an excellent job of socializing with the players at the table during spins and in between.

Roulette Machines Could Be Banned If Labour Wins In The Next Uk Election

Roulette machine

There are fixed odds betting terminals throughout the UK – and some of them are considered high stakes. Of the most popular is roulette. Ed Miliband has vowed that councils will be given the power to ban these machines from bookmaker shops around the UK if Labor wins the next labour UKelection.

Miliband states that these machines are spreading and attracts anti-social behavior. He also claims that it brings debt and misery to the families who use the machines.

It is important to understand the gambling related legislation in the UK now as it currently allows shops to add the machines. They were introduced in 1999 as a way to increase the amount of tax obtained from bookmaker profits.

These fixed odd betting terminals fall under the same legislation as fruit machines since the 2005 Gambling Act. There are limitations in place. The max stake is £100 and there are only allowed to be four terminals in a single betting shop. There are more than 33,000 of these terminals around the UK. A profit is somewhere in the vicinity of £825 for a single machine, which is estimated by the Gambling Commission.

Critics of the Gambling Act say that the machines are addictive and can lead to both poverty and crime. Those in the industry say that there is no evidence of this and that a new conduct code will be established so that players have the ability to control their own stakes. Some action may be taken by the government in order to cut stakes and prizes on the machines to make them less addictive.

There is currently a study out to see how harmful the machines are to players. This will be out in the fall of 2014 and then a more informed decision can be made.

Many of the old bookies in the UK are being turned into mini casinos. Pay day lenders and pawn shops are now adding the machines as well – and these are sending a wrong message to citizens in the poorer areas.

The Association of British Bookmakers has gotten involved and pledged their commitment to help problem gamblers.